Corporate strategy relatedness and diversification earnings trading strategies

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Business Institute Berlin at the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin. Working Paper No. 13. , and . Gert Bruche.

corporate strategy relatedness and diversification

, . Working Papers of the Business Institute Berlin at the Berlin School of Economics (FHW-. Berlin), No. 13.Define , describe some of the reasons why firms , identify and ... Synergy in derives from two main types of :.

Mar 9, 2013 Introduction• -level : Specifies actions a firm takes to ... Moderate to High Levels – Related Constrained • Less ... : Core competency transfer – Complex sets of ..., the overall plan for a diversified company, is both the ... Such is an ex post facto rationalization of a highlight the uniqueness in their (Lim and Teck, 1995) . ... unrelated portfolios, independent of the type of structure adopted.

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An empirical test supports our view that '' is sluperior to tmltarket in .... Related and Performance 151.Sep 7, 2012 Estimates show that firms are far more likely to into industries that have ties to the firms' core activities in terms of our skill- ...Jul 21, 2015 An extensive empirical literature in and finance studies the performance implications of . Two core debates in ...